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About Us

BABOON'S was born on the shores of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, under the impetus of Olivia Ausoni and her sister-in-law. They joined forces to found a statement brand combining the most noble materials with sumptuous handmade embroideries. The alliance of these elements gives BABOON'S shoes and garments a strong and distinctive character.

BABOON'S naturally evokes one of the most shimmering creature of the animal kingdom, the mandrill: the shades of its fur are an explosion of colors. They embody the features of a beaming woman, radiating beauty and determination all around her. Some animal species transform their appearance to blend into the landscape and thus escape their predators. Others deploy their spectacular coat to attract and charm their unaware preys. Human beings are animals among these. The colours and details of BABOON'S pieces crystallise a wild and flamboyant beauty giving women the most sublime appearance.

Life is a jungle, welcome to ours.